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Errors in writing the introduction of the thesis.

The beginning of the dissertation may be unclear. At the beginning there are so many questions: how do you actually start your dissertation? What information should chapters contain? What is the end? And of course you make a lot of mistakes.

Mistake 1The goals and objectives are confused. Another particular claiming to be typical. Well, students do not see the difference between them! And to some extent this is understandable, because in everyday speech we often synonymize these concepts: the phrases “My goal is to quit smoking” and “My goal is to quit smoking” are usually perceived as the same in meaning (although this is not entirely true ).

In general, we are not confused. After all, everything is simple: the goal is what in the end we want to achieve, and the tasks are the actions that need to be taken for this.

Mistake 2. Subject and object are confused. The same. Students love to confuse them! We remember: an object is a general field of research, an object is that part of that field that you are directly exploring (elements, new properties, relations, functions of the object). If it is still unclear, the Professional Coursework Writers recommend ordering work, or better to study.

Mistake 3Insufficiently in-depth analysis of sources and literature. Let's say right away: not all specialities require such an analysis. But where it is required (for example, in history) - hold on! Several pages, or even a dozen, will have to be devoted to a thoughtful analysis of sources, books and articles on your topic. As practice shows, the introduction due to Error No. 8 can be sent for revision five or ten times. In order not to suffer on the EssayAssistant.org, order an introduction or the entire diploma. It won't be difficult.

Mistake 4. There is no connection with the main part. The hypothesis was put forward, the goal was determined, the tasks were set, and the soul rushed to heaven! Flies over pits and bumps, over bumps. The tasks, the hypothesis, and even the subject of research have already been forgotten. We were going to write about goats, but we are writing about rams. The reviewer reads it and is a little shocked.

Mistake 5. You started writing the introduction before the main body was written. Quite a common situation, from which error number 9 usually follows. The fact is that a scientific supervisor can force him to rewrite the main part ten times, throw out a third of the work, add another third, conduct new empirical studies ... and ultimately change the hypothesis or change the topic! And what will you do with an outdated introduction? Deal with the main part first, and then proceed with the introduction, and you will avoid at least one or even two typical student mistakes.

We hope our tips will help you understand why the introduction has been sent for revision, and ideally even avoid the listed errors. But the introduction is not the whole diploma. To minimize the risks of reworking other structural parts of the graduate study.


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